How to Spot the Best Motivational Speakers

Motivational-Speaker Every successful business is composed of highly competent and motivated people. While it is true that these employees need to be proficient and creative in their chosen field, we also cannot set aside that they also need to maintain a positive attitude towards work.


This is why we want to emphasize the essence of conducting seminars, workshops or other corporate events whose primary objective is employee motivation.

To ensure that the audience are kept entertained and are fully able to understand the speech, we have listed the characteristics to take into account when hiring motivational speakers for your company’s conferences.

1. Passionate

To be able to truly communicate to the audience, the speaker has to be passionate about the subject. If there is no passion, then the speech would be senseless. As speakers, we need to able to radiate a degree of earnestness to be able to influence the audience by our presentation.

2. Empathetic

The best motivational speakers do not start making their speech by asking themselves about what they want to speak about. What we do instead is we put ourselves on the shoes of our audience and try to determine what they need. Basically, we serve the goals of our audience, not ours. In effect, we get the respect and attention of the viewers.

3. Confidence

It is just natural for anyone to feel nervous when speaking in front of a huge crowd, especially if one is supposed to give a speech aimed at inspiring and motivating people. This is why speakers need to have confidence in themselves.

This attribute may be earned through practice. The more they practice, the more confident they become. Then again, the best way to make this confidence and eloquence radiate is by being knowledgeable about the subject and by having sincere belief in everything they are talking about.

4. Selflessness

Selflessness can also be a quality of effective speakers. In order to possess this particular attribute, we must make assisting others attain their pursuits our main purpose, and income just secondary. By doing this, we can easily guide other individuals even though we may be receiving no profit. Perhaps surprisingly, good karma will just easily discover a way to return the favor.

5. Energetic

Two of the challenges we encounter as speakers is how to capture the attention of the audience and how to keep them listening. After all, any speech loses its meaning if no one listens to it attentively.

This is why we included being lively and energetic to our list. No matter how serious the topic is, the successful motivational speakers always make sure they incorporate humor in their talk. They simply do not want to appear strict while doing the speech. In fact, smile is their favorite accessory.

6. Simple and Direct to the Point

The main goal of motivational speeches is to inspire and influence people to be the better version of themselves. It is very important that the speakers are able to get their message across, or else, the whole speech would have no meaning.

To be able to achieve this, we keep our language simple and straight to the point. Jargons should be avoided. In the event that complicated phrases need to be used, speakers must see to it that they would explain them in simple terms.

7. Organized

Motivational-SpeakersIn addition to being simple and direct to the point, another characteristic that speakers must have in order to effectively convey a message that is easily understandable is being organized. Speakers should be able to organize their speech well. They may use bullets or numbers. They may even try to use acronyms when so that the audience can quickly recall the pointers discussed in the speech.

8. Resourceful

With the advancement of our technology nowadays, motivational speakers can definitely utilize some things to help them with their presentation. They can make use of slideshow presentations, videos and the like. They are not merely proving their resourcefulness or technological know-how. Making use of these resources allows the speakers to discuss the topic in a visual and creative manner. It also makes the speech more interesting for the audience.

9. Genuineness

The last but definitely not the least important characteristic of successful motivational speakers is genuineness. There is nothing more inspiring and more motivating for an audience than listening to a speaker who is true to himself.

The speaker becomes a walking example of a successful person. This genuineness helps build a deep connection to the audience’s inner self and makes them want to be better just like how the speaker has become.

To be able to spot the best and most efficient speaker who can motivate and influence your employees, try to check if they have these nine attributes. All these are essential to get the best result out of the workshops or seminars.



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Knowing Which Golf Shirts To Wear

If you think your shopping for golf equipment is already done by the time you complete your set of golf clubs, you might be completely wrong. Comfort is of utmost importance in golf, and for this reason, you need to use only those clubs meant for your specific playing style and skill level. And since being comfortable is a big contributing factor to playing at your best, you should be wearing proper golf shirts that won’t bother you when you make those important shots.

Golf Shirts

Your golf shirt, which you’d most likely be tucked in your pants under the belt, can be made with fabric that’s wind-proof, which is most advisably worn during harsh weather conditions. It may also be featured with a jumper. But whatever designer shirt you prefer, bear in mind that golf regulations don’t just involve the club set you’ll be using, but also the shirt you’ll be wearing.


Here Gives Some Guidelines Which Golf Shirts To Wear :

Before you enter the golf course, you should be aware that players are not allowed to have golf shirts exposing their torso or those that have big logos printed in them. As for the ladies, their shirts should not have low cuts. This is to maintain a sense of formality within the club’s ground for that exclusive feel. Unless you want to go home and spend your time doing other things instead of practicing your shots, you may want to comply with their guidelines.

If you just play in an exclusive club, you should take some time to know the dress code. Naturally, many players seek to look smart. There’s no harm in this, but make sure you’re not sacrificing practicality. You don’t want to be hitting the ball while making unnecessary movements just because your shirt tightens when you try to get to your ideal posture.

Picking the golf shirts that you’re going to wear, though, is an easier task than getting the specific clubs that fit your every preference. If it is a designer shirt that you want to get into, know that the fabric can differ from brand to brand. The most common among shirt fabrics used nowadays include cotton (100 percent), cotton blends, and engineered fabrics.

Cotton may be considered a choice fabric for most players simply because of how flexible it can be. It is also fairly breathable and very lightweight. In addition, there’s not much issue with washing it since it holds color quite well. This type of fabric is what you’d want for your shirt if you’ll be playing in hot conditions.


Cotton blends are a bit more durable and stain resistant as compared to pure cotton

Golf-clubsHowever, this might not be as good as pure cotton when it comes to keeping moisture away. This is mainly because of the synthetic fibers incorporated into the fabric to suit harsher conditions. Such fabric is most suitable when you’d be playing under cold and hot conditions. Cotton blend shirts are a bit on the cheaper side.

Engineered fabrics are among the most expensive of shirt fabric types most commonly used in the golf scene. Certain designer golf shirts with this kind of fabric are built to prevent collecting too much sweat on your skin. As they say, you pay for quality, and such kind of fabric can surely deliver. Shirts like these are most suitably worn under any type of weather. Plus, they’re a lot more durable than your regular shirts made of pure cotton.

As with golf clubs, you need to set your budget for such apparel,which can be a bit more expensive than the regular clothes you wear. Just make sure you’re reading the washing instructions so as not to ruin your own shirt.


If you like to play golf, you need to have the best golf clubs to play at your best. Here you can chose the golf shirts in various colors, sizes and styles.

Having Your Own Lifestyle Blog

Starting a blog while you earn money is a very exciting thing to do. You can share whatever things you like and get paid for it. It can be about your adventures, health and fitness tips, self-discoveries, or anything about your life. It would be a great way for you to express your passions and let your works inspire people whose reading your blog.

If you want to make your blog site a success you can try having online affiliates or partnerships to help promote your site. With Seoexplode inc you can be offered money pay outs or free SEO tools and resources as a partnership compensation. According to this site, you can “Use your 10% commission at
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Some earns $100-200$ per posts or $300-$400 in affiliate sales. There are bloggers out there that earns millions of money in just doing what they love.

Before you start setting up your blogs, you must know your blog topic. You must know what your interests are so that it can be easy for you to write it on. It is important that you enjoy the topic that you are writing for your readers to enjoy your blogs too. You can try blogging about some helpful tips and in no time you’ll see that your blog readers are increasing. If there is something that you are good at, it is helpful to share it to your readers and they might be inspired in doing it as well. Do you want to share your fashion sense? Then a fashion blog is the perfect one. Or do you love exploring different places? Start an adventure blog!

Doing business should be enjoyable and fun too. It is not always just doing it for the money. It should be also about doing what you love.

How to start your blog site?

Once you’ve decided on your blog topic, the next thing you do is picking up your blog name. Your blog name should be relevant to your blog topic because it would reflect on what your blog is about. Through your blog name, people would be easily found your blog’s website. You must think of a unique and catchy name but still easy to remember. If you’re having a hard time of coming up with a good blog name, you could always try asking for help to some blog experts.

Now that you have your blog topic and blog name, you can now start your own lifestyle blog and choose your blogging software. WordPress would be the perfect blogging platform especially if you are new in the blogging industry. It is usually the most used platforms by bloggers so if ever you got stuck in using
it, you can always ask help to others. But there is nothing to worry about because WordPress is very easy to use and is great for beginners. Even if you don’t have a coding knowledge, it is easily customizable. It has tons of free themes that you can try and enjoy.

If you are planning to use free platforms, you must know that there are some drawbacks in using it. Some free platforms will put their own ads on your site and this would make your site unpleasant. Nobody wants to see popping ads while they are reading. Your readers might lose their interest on reading your blogs if there are ads that keep showing up on your site. There are free platforms that won’t allow you to put your own ads in your site. Another thing is that if you use free platforms, you do not own your blog site or the URL. Your blog site can be shut down anytime whenever they want and everything that you made out of your blogs will be gone in just no time. There are bloggers that became victims of using free platforms so it is important to carefully decide on what platform you will use.

Now that you have your blogging platform, you need to have a hosting account. Hosting will give you your own personal space to store all your files, photos and contents of your website. It will be like your website’s storage box.

You must also decide on your domain name. Your domain name will be your website’s address. It would be like this:

Make it as unique as you can to catch readers’ attention and pay your blog site a visit. You must make it short yet should convey something about you or the blog site itself.
After that, you must now install the WordPress and once done you can now start writing up your own blogs. It would be hard to get readers at first but as you became used to it, it would be easier for you to attract readers on your blog site.

The thing that will make your blogging a success is to write things that you love. It is important to always have fun in everything you do. Remember that passion is always the key to success.

The Challenge to Efficiently Manage Today’s Lifestyle

The famous quote “Before you spend, earn” by William Arthur Ward are word that we should all try to live by.  However with so many tempting purchases and services to spend our money on, following this advice can be certainly difficult.

The big question is, how does one manage one’s finances to become financially independent and have the ability to enjoy today’s lifestyle?  According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, human beings are motivated by safety, belongingness, love, esteem, self actualization and self transcendence.  Now if we combine these with the most physical basic needs which are food, shelter and clothing then we have a multitude of things to spend money on.

Food becomes a costly experience as the psychological need to be accepted and have a high self esteem will urge us to choose the most expensive restaurants to dine at.  Shelter combined with safety and esteem will result in a high priced house with the most state of the art security system.  Although not necessarily a negative thing, spending more than what we can afford is a decision that will have disastrous results.

So, how do we go against human nature and successfully manage our money?  Here are some excellent tips to jump start you on becoming financially independent.

  1. Price vs Cost

There is a popular misconception than when you want to save money, you should opt to purchase items or hire services that come at the lowest price.  However, this opens you up to low quality and poor service.  The cheaper choice is not necessarily the best one.

Instead of looking at the price alone, consider the cost of your decision.  If you buy something cheap then there is a big chance that you may need to get a replacement soon.  This decision will ultimately cost you more money in the end.  Higher priced items and services may be the better option as these often come with a guarantee and warranty.

Always consider purchasing products that will be worth the money you spend on it.

  1. Spend on Investments

The term investment does not just apply to transactions that we make with financial institutions.  This can also refer to our purchases.  We often make a pact with ourselves that we will only buy something that we absolutely need.  We do try very hard to stay committed to this pact.  However, it’s easy to find something that we feel is an absolute necessity.  Like when we want to upgrade our mobile phones or cars.

When we label this purchase as a luxury, it would be easy to feel guilty and end up not maximizing our upgraded things.  Consider this purchase as an investment instead.  A better phone offers new features that can help us perform our jobs easier.  A newer car model may have better mileage on gas.  We just need to find how our upgrades can help save or make us more money in the end.

  1. Increase your cash flow

A well paying job is a great thing but should not be “the end all and be all” of our finances.  We should always work on finding ways to improve the cash flow coming in.  This is certainly possible without violating our employment contracts

If you like doing crafts or baking, then you can turn your hobbies into money making ventures.  Don’t be afraid to start out small with your available network of friends and family members.

  1. Reward Yourself

Our commitment to managing our money is much like going on a diet.  The more we deprive ourselves, the more enticing it is to cheat.  The best way to overcome this is by celebrating little triumphs.  However, it is important to remember that the reward must be appropriate to the achievement.  If you’ve managed to go to work on time for the entire week, splurging on a brand new phone may be a little too much.  Avoid getting yourself in debt by buying your rewards on credit.

  1. Save Up for what you want to buy

Saving up for an expensive purchase such as designer shoes did not go out with the dinosaurs.This is still the best way to shop for luxury items.Although swiping your plastic will get you the things you want faster, the backlash will certainly not be worth it.Interest rates can be tricky and the item might end up being more expensive than it actually is.Plus, it gets really frustrating when we end up breaking something even before it’s been fully paid.