Knowing Which Golf Shirts To Wear

If you think your shopping for golf equipment is already done by the time you complete your set of golf clubs, you might be completely wrong. Comfort is of utmost importance in golf, and for this reason, you need to use only those clubs meant for your specific playing style and skill level. And since being comfortable is a big contributing factor to playing at your best, you should be wearing proper golf shirts that won’t bother you when you make those important shots.

Golf Shirts

Your golf shirt, which you’d most likely be tucked in your pants under the belt, can be made with fabric that’s wind-proof, which is most advisably worn during harsh weather conditions. It may also be featured with a jumper. But whatever designer shirt you prefer, bear in mind that golf regulations don’t just involve the club set you’ll be using, but also the shirt you’ll be wearing.


Here Gives Some Guidelines Which Golf Shirts To Wear :

Before you enter the golf course, you should be aware that players are not allowed to have golf shirts exposing their torso or those that have big logos printed in them. As for the ladies, their shirts should not have low cuts. This is to maintain a sense of formality within the club’s ground for that exclusive feel. Unless you want to go home and spend your time doing other things instead of practicing your shots, you may want to comply with their guidelines.

If you just play in an exclusive club, you should take some time to know the dress code. Naturally, many players seek to look smart. There’s no harm in this, but make sure you’re not sacrificing practicality. You don’t want to be hitting the ball while making unnecessary movements just because your shirt tightens when you try to get to your ideal posture.

Picking the golf shirts that you’re going to wear, though, is an easier task than getting the specific clubs that fit your every preference. If it is a designer shirt that you want to get into, know that the fabric can differ from brand to brand. The most common among shirt fabrics used nowadays include cotton (100 percent), cotton blends, and engineered fabrics.

Cotton may be considered a choice fabric for most players simply because of how flexible it can be. It is also fairly breathable and very lightweight. In addition, there’s not much issue with washing it since it holds color quite well. This type of fabric is what you’d want for your shirt if you’ll be playing in hot conditions.


Cotton blends are a bit more durable and stain resistant as compared to pure cotton

Golf-clubsHowever, this might not be as good as pure cotton when it comes to keeping moisture away. This is mainly because of the synthetic fibers incorporated into the fabric to suit harsher conditions. Such fabric is most suitable when you’d be playing under cold and hot conditions. Cotton blend shirts are a bit on the cheaper side.

Engineered fabrics are among the most expensive of shirt fabric types most commonly used in the golf scene. Certain designer golf shirts with this kind of fabric are built to prevent collecting too much sweat on your skin. As they say, you pay for quality, and such kind of fabric can surely deliver. Shirts like these are most suitably worn under any type of weather. Plus, they’re a lot more durable than your regular shirts made of pure cotton.

As with golf clubs, you need to set your budget for such apparel,which can be a bit more expensive than the regular clothes you wear. Just make sure you’re reading the washing instructions so as not to ruin your own shirt.


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