Having Your Own Lifestyle Blog

Starting a blog while you earn money is a very exciting thing to do. You can share whatever things you like and get paid for it. It can be about your adventures, health and fitness tips, self-discoveries, or anything about your life. It would be a great way for you to express your passions and let your works inspire people whose reading your blog.

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Some earns $100-200$ per posts or $300-$400 in affiliate sales. There are bloggers out there that earns millions of money in just doing what they love.

Before you start setting up your blogs, you must know your blog topic. You must know what your interests are so that it can be easy for you to write it on. It is important that you enjoy the topic that you are writing for your readers to enjoy your blogs too. You can try blogging about some helpful tips and in no time you’ll see that your blog readers are increasing. If there is something that you are good at, it is helpful to share it to your readers and they might be inspired in doing it as well. Do you want to share your fashion sense? Then a fashion blog is the perfect one. Or do you love exploring different places? Start an adventure blog!

Doing business should be enjoyable and fun too. It is not always just doing it for the money. It should be also about doing what you love.

How to start your blog site?

Once you’ve decided on your blog topic, the next thing you do is picking up your blog name. Your blog name should be relevant to your blog topic because it would reflect on what your blog is about. Through your blog name, people would be easily found your blog’s website. You must think of a unique and catchy name but still easy to remember. If you’re having a hard time of coming up with a good blog name, you could always try asking for help to some blog experts.

Now that you have your blog topic and blog name, you can now start your own lifestyle blog and choose your blogging software. WordPress would be the perfect blogging platform especially if you are new in the blogging industry. It is usually the most used platforms by bloggers so if ever you got stuck in using
it, you can always ask help to others. But there is nothing to worry about because WordPress is very easy to use and is great for beginners. Even if you don’t have a coding knowledge, it is easily customizable. It has tons of free themes that you can try and enjoy.

If you are planning to use free platforms, you must know that there are some drawbacks in using it. Some free platforms will put their own ads on your site and this would make your site unpleasant. Nobody wants to see popping ads while they are reading. Your readers might lose their interest on reading your blogs if there are ads that keep showing up on your site. There are free platforms that won’t allow you to put your own ads in your site. Another thing is that if you use free platforms, you do not own your blog site or the URL. Your blog site can be shut down anytime whenever they want and everything that you made out of your blogs will be gone in just no time. There are bloggers that became victims of using free platforms so it is important to carefully decide on what platform you will use.

Now that you have your blogging platform, you need to have a hosting account. Hosting will give you your own personal space to store all your files, photos and contents of your website. It will be like your website’s storage box.

You must also decide on your domain name. Your domain name will be your website’s address. It would be like this: www.BLOGSITE.com

Make it as unique as you can to catch readers’ attention and pay your blog site a visit. You must make it short yet should convey something about you or the blog site itself.
After that, you must now install the WordPress and once done you can now start writing up your own blogs. It would be hard to get readers at first but as you became used to it, it would be easier for you to attract readers on your blog site.

The thing that will make your blogging a success is to write things that you love. It is important to always have fun in everything you do. Remember that passion is always the key to success.