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We choose to focus on the brighter side of life by sharing articles that turn struggles to triumphs. We cover stories of successes that disguised as failures.

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We cover financial issues, family related matters, common life struggles and many others. We may not be able to give answers but we hope to be able to shed some light on some of life’s greatest questions.

Our main goal is for to be able to give inspiration and a glimpse of hope to our readers. We will focus on topics that will encourage our readers to live a better life.

Our Topics

We have dissected the different issues that affect most of us. For a better reading experience, we have grouped the articles according to the topics they cover.

Any financial related articles can be found on the Financial tab, adventures and travel articles can be found in the Travel tab, relationship issues can be found in Relationship tab, and so on and so forth. There might be articles that can be found in two or more different tabs that is not an error on the page but rather it is because some of the discussions can fall under two or more different topics such as traveling with your partner, which could fall under relationship and travel tab.

Our readers can also search for topics based on when we have them published by using the Archive Links. We have provided links, which allow viewing of topics based on the month and year that they published. We also have a search button, which allows searching for articles based on the topics.

Who we are

We are a team of writers who believe that we are all responsible for the betterment of everyone. By inspiring others to live a better life, we are creating a better world to live in.

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